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Foundation Declutter 2017

Hey guys!

I’ve been away a long time and I feel horrible. I’m sorry, this is a very busy month (my birthdayyyy month!) But yeah.

So, you guys know me and you know what a hoarder I am and so I need to declutter things on and off. And today, we’d be decluttering my foundation collection and I wanted to do it with you guys here. Let’s begin.

We’ll go over every foundation I have and I will tell you how I like them and if I will be keeping them.

  1. L’Oreal Infallible 24-Hour Foundation – 140 Golden Beige (Rs. 1400): This is the most expensive foundation I’ve ever owned and I regret it a little bit. First, the foundation is too full coverage for me, it’s very thick and sticks to dry patches. Also, the shade match is not too great (most of them in these posts aren’t but ..) Even when the shade is called beige, it is not yellow enough for me, I don’t know, just no. Keeping it? No, with a really heavy heart, no.1
  2. Kiko Milano Universal Fit Hydration Foundation – N40 (Rs. 600): It’s been in my favourites forever now! I love this foundation so much. It’s very light weight, medium coverage and stays on the face throughout the day! What else would you want from a foundation? It’s amazing, highly highly recommend it. Keeping it? Hell yes!2
  3. L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique 12Hour foundation – N3 (Rs. 595): This one is matte like I love my foundations but also can be a little drying. Since the shade is a little light for me, I try to mix it with other foundations to get my match! Side note, love it. Keeping it? Yeah, totally!3
  4. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – 230 Natural Buff and 310 Sun Beige (Rs. 525): This definitely my favourite one considering everything, finish, coverage, shade match, price and everything! It has a natural finish and it does not stick to my dry patches, along with medium coverage and a very affordable price! It’s the best and I’m pretty sure you’ve tried it just saying. The shade 230 is great for my regular skin and 310 works for me when I’m tan! Keeping it? OBVIOUSLY!4
  5. Lotus Pure Radiance Matte Glow foundation – Soft Beige (Rs. 300): Spoiler, hate it. The consistency is too thick, the product is patchy and I can’t deal with it. Very few shade choices and the coverage is there, but very uneven. A foundation has one job. BE EVEN! But no. Keeping it? Absolutely not!5
  6. Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm – 02 (Rs. 550): It is my absolute favourite BB creams of all times and that hasn’t changed for over the three years that I’ve had it. I love it so much. It is sheer coverage and feels like a balm on the skin. It does not stick to my dry patches and I love that. The only thing is the shade range is very limited, the first shade is too light and the second is sort of dark. Keeping it? No because it’s so old, but totally intend to repurchase it.6
  7. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation – 200 Soft Beige (Rs. 400): This has been one of the foundations that made me want to wear foundation more often. It’s medium coverage, very lightweight, semi-matte to matte finish and very very comfortable on the skin. This was a part of my makeup essentials for beginners, love it so much. Though I would love for the shade to be a little bit lighter, but it works just fine.  If you’re new to the make up world and are looking for an affordable good quality foundation, this could be an option for you. It is amazing! Keeping it? Yes, didn’t you just hear me raving about it?7
  8. Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation – 02 (Rs. 150): Remember when you’re just beginning to buy make up and you think how amazingly cheap something is? Yeah this foundation is that for me. It is so yellow, I look like sun and does stick to my dry patches even though it’s very runny in consistency. It’s cheap and all, but trust me save this money and eat! Keeping it? NADA!8
  9. Essence all about matt foundation – 20 Matt Nude (Rs. 399): This one was there in my products that did not work for me post and I still maintain my stand. It’s a bad shade, very heavy yet drying and thus, no. I don’t hate many products and this one I detest. I highly un-recommend it (If that’s even a word!) Keeping it? Not in this life.9
  10. Garnier BB Cream (Rs. 69): This is the only BB Cream (except the Color at one which I like obviously) in this post and if you know me, you know I do not appreciate BB creams but yeah. The shade is too light and they have just one. It barely has any coverage (what is the point of putting it on?) If the shade matches you, you’re lucky. I would not recommend it tbh. Keeping it? Nope!10
  11. Maybelline Fit me! Shine Free Balance foundation – 220 Natural Beige (Rs. 550): This is my absolute best match! This is a foundation stick and I love it so much. It is easy to use, light to medium coverage and very easy to blend. The thing is that it is ideal for oily skin and I’m super dry, so even through this isn’t made for my particular skin type it works beautifully over a moisturiser and when I don’t have dry patches. I love it and I really recommend it. This is my everyday foundation right now. Keeping it? Oh, yes.11

That is all for my foundation declutter.

I hope this helps you to decide what foundation to pick and what to pass.

Thanks for stopping by.

Loads of love,

Preksha. ♥︎


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