Hey guys. I can’t even believe summers are here.  I LOOVVVEEEE SUMMERS! Summers are everything fun, bright and quirky. I love them. Also, ice cream.


But they come with harsh sun, scorching heat and ew, sweat and with that comes 80 different kinds of issues, especially with the skin, body and hair. If you’re concerned, I got you girl!

So, without further rambling, let’s begin with my summer care tips.

  1. Sun protection: First, let’s get the basics out of the way, sunscreen. SPF is the most important thing in summers. I know you’ve read this more than a few times, but I know you little lazy rebel. Start doing this now! It is FUNDAMENTAL. Put on an SPF 40 or more (Lotus Safe Sun Matte Gel) 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun. Always, never skip it.6
  2. Lips: Even if you are wearing sunscreen on your face, you sure as hell are not taking care of your lips. Use a lip balm with SPF of 15 (Neutrogena Norwegian Lip Balm), it’s important, it’ll give you even, unpigmented and protected lips. That’s what you want from li, no?Try it. Switch up your lip balms for a healthy lips, this summer!12
  3. Stay out of the sun: Prevention is always better than cure. And staying indoors is better than tan removing lotions nine times a day. It’s highly recommended that you stay out of the sun between 11am and 4pm which is the hottest time of the day and not to mention, most damaging. It’s best to stay away as much as you can, okay? If you can’t move on to the next point.
  4. Dress right: If you can’t stay away from the sun and the heat, dress appropriately, make it less hurtful for the body. Wear loose, covered, light-pastel coloured clothes. Wear more full covered kimono shrugs, carry stoles to cover up your face and your skin, use sunglasses and hats. This’ll really help protect you. Happy you!
  5. Perfume: So, the general rule says you put on perfume directly on your pulse points, right? Perfumes tend to heat up on the skin and cause irritation with burning sensation. It’s better to skip the perfume on the skin for the summer and go for a little spray in the air and walking through it or spraying perfume on the clothes.
  6. Water: Fluids and liquids are your best friend in summer. Incorporate more fluids in your day. More glasses of water, coconut water, buttermilk, fruit juices and everything you think is cooling and preferably healthy. Also, have fruits that have higher water content, have more melons, berries, cucumbers, oranges and lemons. This’ll keep you cool and hydrated.
  7. Food: Eating healthy fixes everything. Along with fruits having higher water content you should try to have more green leafy vegetables and more ‘ghar ka khana.’ Take more Vitamin C and E, they’re great for the summer. Try to avoid things that are warm to consume, they make you irritated and give you acne, so no. Things like black coffee, eggs, dry fruits, oily and fried foods are best avoided.
  8. Showers: Now, if you live in hot Indian states, hot shower are not even an option for you, but if you ever think of going for a warm water shower, no. Hot water strips your skin of the moisture and important nutrients that’s are essential for the body. Switch it up for a cold shower that’s very relaxing and cooling. Also, cut the length of the shower, it’s going to be ripping for the skin as well.
  9. Wash it off: Sweat and dirt attacks you with all their might in the summer and you need to make it go off of your face. Use a gentle cleanser (Cetaphil cleanser) if you need to go for multiple washes through out the day. Use your regular cleanser (Biotique Bio Honey Gel Cleanser) for the morning and night time, a gentler cleanser throughout the day are better, much better.1
  10. Skin care routine after a cleanse: Tone with rose water, it is super gentle and still tones and balances the pH of the skin. And moisturise. You might think it is unnecessary in the summer, but it’s not. You skin still loses the moisture, it still needs the boost of hydration. Try using a water base moisturiser for your normal to oily skin. I would suggest you one as soon as I find one that blows my mind off. My dry skin works okay with regular creams and lotions. It’s also very important to exfoliate (St. Ives Apricot Scrub) at least once in a week. It really helps with getting rid of all the dead skin. Go for it.dscn0010
  11. Make up: If you really want to wear make up, wear a primer. It increases the longevity of the make up and that’s the key, right? Wear a light base, maybe only concealer and some setting powder. Jazz up your eyes and lips, they don’t melt off. If you get sweaty or oily throughout the day, blot it all away with tissue papers that you should carry at all times. If you need touch ups, touch up your make up, but not before blotting it all.
  12. Face mists: Remember the last summer when you were super tired, all sap sucked out of you last summer? Spritz your face with a facial mist and feel fresh again. You can just put some rose water mixed with water and a little bit of aloe vera gel in a spray bottle and carry it around.
  13. Go make up less: It is so much better to have no make up on than to fix your make up again and again. I mean do the eyes or something but yeah go make up less at least for the base, that should be awesome, just reapplying sunscreen over and over, no touch ups. Try it once in a while.
  14. Heat Protection for the hair: You might be using this before you heat style your hair, but summers, damn, your hair’s always going to be roasted. So solution, use a heat protectant spray all the time. What I do is, after a hair wash, I just take some in my hands and run it through my hair like I do my hair serum. I sonnet know if this makes a lot of difference, but I think I’m willing to take my chances.
  15. Sun burn treatment: Ice cold compresses and aloe vera gel, for the win. All the time. If you’ve ever had a sun burn, you know how uncomfortably painful it is. It’s a good idea to go over the burn with an ice cold compress and then apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel over the area. It should feel better in some sessions.1
  16. Tan Removal: gram flour (two spoons) + turmeric (very little) + yogurt (one-two teaspoon) + tomato (a teaspoon)/lemon juice(a few drops). This is the best mask for tan removal. You could also try honey mixed with lemon juice, if your skin is not very sensitive. Lemon and tomato have Vitamin C, which is a naturally bleaching agent. Yogurt and gram flour mixed with turmeric have a brightening effect.dscn9366
  17. Brightening masks: Soak a few strands of kesar in milk over night and add this to a little bit of honey, mix and directly apply it on the face. You could add some mashed banana and that is amazing for brightening the dullness summer gets along with it.

And that’s all for my summer tips. If you want any other specific help, contact me here or DM me on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by.

Loads of love,




  1. Thank you for the survival tips 😉 I use the patanjali aloe vera gel as my after sun lotion.. but patanjali saundarya aloe vera gel looks like a must try
    Which one of these do you prefer ?


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