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Lip Balm Collection!

After my face creams collections, I thought I should do a Lip Balm Collection post. And, here I am.

Let’s begin.

  1. EOS Black currant Lip Balm (Rs. 450): This is the most expensive lip balm I’ve ever owned. It is the best quality as well. It is the kind of lip balm you would want to wear under your lipsticks. It is non greasy and so, I love it.1
  2. FabIndia Dew Plum Lip Butter (Rs. 150): First, it does not make the lips green. It’s very moisturising and I keep this one close in case dryness hits me.2
  3. FabIndia Fruity Vanilla Lip Butter (Rs. 150): This one smells like vanilla cake and how can I not love that. Totally unrelated note, it was so cold here in my college, I literally had to heat these, wait for them to melt and then use them. Annoying, right?3
  4. Himalaya Lip Balm (Rs. 40): The most affordable yet considerably good lip balm ever. I have about 20 of these. The Vaseline one most definitely further dried out my lips, this one on the other hand is great. A strange thing, I’ve been using a layer of this under my eyes right before I sleep instead of an under eye cream, so far, so good. It doesn’t make the circles go away immediately, but sure does keep the moisture in check and my concealer goes on better. Try it!4
  5. Nivea Fruity Shine – Pink Guava (Rs. 149): I don’t really like this one but I somehow have it. It leaves a shiny color on the lips, not my best dream. Don’t recommend it if you’re like me.5
  6. Oriflame Lip Balm (Rs. 300): Extremely waxy, forms a layer on the lips which keeps the moisture locked in. I like it. Recommend it.6
  7. Himalaya Natural Soft Vanilla Lip Balm (Rs. 150): I’m almost done with this one and hence the rugged condition of this lip balm. Side note, love it! You can carry it in your pockets, love it.7
  8. Lotus Fruity Shine Lip Balm (Rs. 200): Another one of those waxy ones that form a layer on top of the lips. It smells so amazing, I can’t even.

That’s pretty much all that I own.

Thanks for stopping by.

Loads of love,



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