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It’s finally 2017.

2016 was difficult, this year has got to be a lot better. Please do. Here’s a list of 17 things that I want to do this year.

(I know resolutions don’t last and shiz but A GIRL HAS TO TRY!)

  1. Be kinder: I am borderline monstrous and I would more than want to change it. This year I would want to be kinder, help more people and not be a horrible person, so.
  2. Be less judgemental: Generally speaking, I try my level best to not judge people especially about things they can’t change. This year I’m gonna try harder and be much less judgemental.
  3. Tell people I love them more often: I’m less emotional than most normal humans, but I do genuinely love some people and I love them a lot. This year, I’m going to be more vocal about it, it would make me happier and them too.
  4. Be less angry: Obviously, haha hah ha h..
  5. Get into other people’s shoes: It’s a terrible thing but I’m kinda quick to judge people’s decisions. I want to see the situation from their perspective, get into their shoes and see things like that.
  6. Start a good moments journal: I’ve always been the pessimist kind that always remembers the bad things, all my embarrassing moments, mean things people say to me. This year, I’m going to start a journal with all my good moments to go back to when I’m sad.
  7. Focus on skin and hair care: I’ve been all about makeup in 2016 but this year, I really want to invest in skin care and work on it. My hair has been so neglected it’s not even funny. Not this year.
  8. Eat better: Pizza and fries but no. This year is gonna be fruits and green tea. Not all that, mostly.
  9. Lose the handles: I’m fat and not okay with it. So, this year, losing all those handles and tires.
  10. Be cleaner: I’m the messiest person ever. And that needs to change. This year, I’m gonna be a little more tidier.
  11. Stop nail biting: Most of my adolescence I’ve been the biggest nail biter. I’m so embarrassed but just can’t stop. I’ll try a little harder this year.
  12. Watch less TV shows and read more books: The goal is to read one book a month, but I doubt if I’ll be down 12 books. I’ll try.
  13. Go places: I almost live in Himachal, but I’ve literally been nowhere, no treks nothing. This year is gonna be different. Yes.
  14. Learn managing money: Cash just never seems to stay in my wallet, it just totally slips out and buys me things. That needs to stop. STAAHPP!
  15. Study harder: I’m going to be an engineer and studying is that inevitable thing I’ve been ignoring for three semesters. Not this year, this year will be better.
  16. Work harder on the blog: I love makeup and I love this blog. I can’t ever not work hard on it, this year harder and work to make it better, much better.
  17. Start a YouTube channel: That’s the ultimate goal: I want to start a YouTube channel and hope you guys shower just as much love there as you do here. I want it more than anything. And this year I’ll work on it.


Thank you so much you guys for being the best readers for this blog. Thank you so much. Love each and every one of you guys.

See you in the next post.

Loads of love,



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