Hey guys.

If you don’t already know from my constant updates on Instagram (follow me, here) I am home!! It is the single most exciting thing about college and tadaa.

Home equals shopping and I’ve been here a week and I have a haul to share with you guys!

Let’s begin.

  1. Tulips cotton pads: I go through cotton pads like no ones business. These ones are nice, with stitched edges, and they’re affordable. Buy it here. (Rs. 156 for two)
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  2. Ayur Herbals Astringent: I bought this because I liked the color of it, but then a good decision, I like it. It tinges a little but then it is cooling and really deeply cleanses and also tightens my skin. I got it from a local store! You might want to add Rosewater to it before using it. (Rs. 50)3.jpg
  3. Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm: I always buy lip balms, this one shouldn’t even be a shocker for you. This one is much better than the Vaseline one and it’s affordable. That’s it. (Rs. 30)4.jpg
  4. Lotus Herbal Sheamoist Shea Butter and Real Strawberry moisturiser: I loved this moisturiser when I was a kid and now I’ve repurchased it. It smells amazing. Also, strawberries are one of my favourite fruits of all times, it’s awesome. Great moisturiser and also, affordable. ♥️ Buy it here. (Rs. 222)5.jpg
  5. Nivea Body Lotion: Winters are particularly harsh if you’re dry skinned like I am. The irritation and flakiness is unreal and we’ve all been there. So, here’s my favourite solution for it. I love this one very much, it’s very nourishing.
  6. Ponds BB Cream: Okay so I’ve has a real time love hate relationship with this particular BB cream. Somedays I feel like I totally hate it (I’m not a BB cream person, In case you haven’t noticed.) Buy it here. (Rs. 80)6.jpg
  7. Oriflame Lip Balm: My mom got this for me from the trade fair. And can we please take a minute to appreciate how cute the packaging of this thing is. It is a good lip balm but I just think it’s kinda costly. If you can pay for the packaging, great, otherwise youmight find a good lip balm for cheaper. (Rs. 300)7.jpg
  8. Johnson’s Baby Cream: I have always loved this cream, the blue one that we got earlier was thicker than this and took sometime to absorb into the skin. This one apparently is a newer formula and it’s less thick and absorbs more easily. It’s good and obviously it smells AWESOME! (Rs. 80)8.jpg

So that was my list of beauty things I bought this time, at least till now. I’ll update you guys soon.

Till then, take care.

Loads of love,



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