Beauty habits to adopt RIGHT NOW!

Heyy guys.

I am so sorry for being missing for like the last 10 days, I had my exams, I’m trying to be an engineer and failing, so forgive me. Sorry.

Okay so, coming back to this post, it is going to be a list of a few beauty habits that you should adopt if you haven’t been doing it already. Let’s start.

  1. WASH THE FACE: Maintain a clean face. Wash your face every morning and before you go to sleep. Use a gentle face wash for everyday use. And please excuse the dirty cap, I’m filthy.1
  2. SCRUB IT OUT: Twice a week, it might be a great idea to use a scrub to exfoliate your skin. If you’re not doing this, you’re probably missing on a lot of smooth skin time. Once in the week, I like to use a gentle one like this one and the other time, a harsher one to really really clean the face.2
  3. SERUMS: Guys trust me when I say this, using serums will change your life. There are a variety of serums in the market, there are hydrating ones, anti-ageing ones and a lot many. Find yourself that works for your skin type. They penetrate right into your skin and makes it awesome.3
  4. MOISTURISE ALL THE TIME: I can never stress on this enough, moisturise all the time. Always stay moisturised. It makes your skin feel smoother and also the make up go on better.4
  5. EYE CREAMS ONLY ZONE: Use a different cream for the eye, especially during the night. The skin around they eyes is thin and sensitive, use only an eye cream.5
  6. SUNSCREEN EVERY TIME IT IS SUNNY: Never skip the sunscreen, summer or winter or anything. Put on the sunscreen every single time. Happy you, kay?6
  7. GREEN TEA FOR THE WIN!: Okay, this miracle tea will change your entire life. Drink a cup every morning, it wakes you up, boosts your metabolism and for some reason it drags me to the gym. Also, I put the used tea bags on my eyes after refrigerating. I also add green tea to my face masks.7
  8. ROSEWATER, NOT JUST WATER: One, add it to your face mask or as a toner right before. It’s also great for people with oily and acne prone skin. It’s all natural and so, awesome.8

So, these are a few habits I picked up and they’ve all worked. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Thanks for stoping by.

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Loads of love,



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