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Products that didn’t work for me – Things I regret buying!

Hey guys!

I’m back with a new post for you guys and it is all the products that did not work for me. I know, you’re probably wondering why do you need to read it, well I don’t know to save some money!

Let’s begin.

1. Garnier Under Eye Roll on : Okay, so apparently this thing is supposed to give you no-puff eyes, but then tbh, all it does it feel cool on the eye-contour. It has a metallic ball and everything that disperses a liquid and shit but well, it does nothing. Word of advice, don’t buy it.


2. Nivea Sun Sensitive skin sun milk : This sunscreen has a good SPF and stuff but it applies really creamy. It does not dry to a matte finish and instead comes off as white weird scrapes every time you touch your face. It’s probably okay for the body maybe, but nah, doesn’t work for me.


3. BioCare Sandal and Turmeric mask with aloe vera : I read all of the good things you know sandal, turmeric, aloe vera and shiz and bought it. IT DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I tried being regular with it but then it does absolutely nothing. If you want to burn money, give it to me!


4. Biotique Bio Watercress Fresh Nourishing Conditioner : If you think you know me and you don’t know how much I love this brand, you’re wrong! I literally eat, sleep and breathe it, but this product is really disappointing. I saw zero difference in if I used it and when I didn’t.


5. BioCare Golden Grain Brightening Day Cream : It is neither HYDRATING not BRIGHTENING. It is actually kinda drying. I mean I know it’s super weird to think that a moisturiser is drying but about 3-4 hours of wearing it, the skin feels very itchy and weird. And for dry skinned humans like me, it is a waste of cash. FYI, it doesn’t work on the rest of the body too. USELESS! The brand isn’t for me.


6. Johnson’s baby oil with vitamin E : Please  don’t kill me of this. I know this one is very popular with people. But I’m kinda over the entire idea of moisturising with an oil. It makes you oily, not moisturised. It just makes you feel less itchy but intact it doesn’t work. A body lotion would be nice, much much better.  so, no. This isn’t a total waste of money, but for me, well yeah, can never use this again.


So, that was all for the things I regret buying. What are some things you regret buying? Let me know in the comments!

Till the next time, take care!

Loads of love,



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