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Lakmé 9 to 5 weightless matte mousse lip and cheek color – Blush Velvet

Hey guys, I’m so sorry for being off for a week, I’ve been really busy (college and shiz) but I am back! Let’s be happy and begin, kay?

So, today I’m up with the much awaited Lakmé 9 to 5 lip and cheek tint review. Thank you, thank you.

The shade I have is Blush Velvet and tbh, it’s the only one I really truly liked. The nudes will surely wash me out while the other are either too red, too orange or too pink and obviously, I’m not into bright colors, you know what I mean?


So, let’s begin.

PRICE: Rs. 575

I wouldn’t say it is the most affordable lip product, but definitely not among the costly ones out there.

PACKAGING: I love the traditional rose gold packaging by Lakmé and there’s no second thoughts about it. Hence, the cap gets a 10/10. However, a colored label or transparent tube would be better. But then, it’s sturdy, cool and extremely travel-friendly. PERSONAL PREFERENCES!


And here comes the bomb, the wand. I love it, it is the best thing that has ever happened to the industry. It is a doe foot applicator which in itself is a yay, it is also tapered, which allows the product to be applied on the corners of the lips or just line them before filling them in.


CONSISTENCY AND PIGMENTATION: As the name suggests, the consistency of the product is mousse-y and creamy. It is really soft (don’t know how else to explain it.)

They’re very pigmented and creamy, but not extremely thick, which is great!

SHADE: The shade *blush velvet* is a mauve rose neutral shade, almost nude for deep tones. If you have a deeper skin tone or dark lips, like me, it could be a great everyday shade. For skin tones deeper than mine, it will come off as a rose pink kind of color. It is a neutral blush for my wheatish girls out there and looks extremely natural and flawless.



Lips – The tint applies really smoothly and evenly. I suggest wiping off extra product though. After the application, it is initially kind of creamy, turns to demi-matte and finally dries to a completely matte finish. It is drying on the lips and I would totally suggest you to exfoliate and apply a lip balm before hand. I used the eos lip balm which I love for using underneath my lipsticks. It has medium creases, nothing too bad and little transferring when still not set.

Cheek – First, how you apply this on your cheek. Take some of the product on the back of your palms and use two fingers to take the product and tap on the cheek, where you would usually apply a blush. It blends really well on the cheeks. Use the wand directly and it will be a patchy mess. The range has a lot of really deep colors for a blush, don’t use them please, kay? You can use this particular shade, though.




LONGETIVITY: On the lips there is no bleeding and smudging once dry. It is moderately long stay on the lips 4-5 hours (including eating and drinking sessions, because who wants to miss food anyway?)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This product is totally a working-woman kinda thing. It works extremely well both on the lips and on the cheeks. So, if you are the working or college going have 0.032 seconds to get ready, this is for you.

The shade range is nice for an experimenter.

I am in love with this product and would love for you guys to check it out, it’s awesome.

Until next time, take care.

Loads of love,



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