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Skincare and Makeup Haul – Part II

Hii guys, welcome back. How’re you guys?

Today, I’ll be sharing with you the second part of my skincare and makeup haul. And if you haven’t already checked out the first part, do it right here!

1. EOS Blackcurrant lip balm (Rs. 450): I’ve always been super fascinated with those egg shaped lip balms and so I got this one from Impressions in Karol Bagh. Expensive! Also, this one’s the kinda lip balm you put before putting a lipstick. But not for a good moisturising overnight lip balm.


2. Lakmè Absolute Highlighter Shimmering bricks (Rs. 725): This is a new launch and yeah it’s amazing. It’s just perfectly pigmented, not too much where you look like a clown and not too little so you’d have to scrub it to get some color.


3. L’Orèal Paris Glam Bronzer duo (Rs. 850): Another relatively new launch, love it tadaa! a little pricey though. Also the bronzer color looks kinda warm so  I don’t know about contouring, but warming up the face, kaboom. AMAZING!


4. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal concealer – Yellow Corrector (Rs. 490): I don’t really know what I am going to do with this corrector but you know I love collecting random stuff so yeah. I think I’ll put it under my eyes and stuff, I’ll be back with the final verdict very very soon.


5. Miss Claire Waterproof Eyebrow pencil – Brown(Rs. 95): This beauty was so cheap, I had to get it and I did. I still have to try it out , I’ll let you people know. Also, it has a cool brush, yet to try!


Now, I got some different types of oils off of Amazon.

6. Soulflower coldpressed Jojoba carrier Oil (Rs. 338): I don’t know I’ve heard so many good things about this particular oil, so I just had to buy it.


7. Soulflower coldpressed Avocado carrier oil (Rs. 297): Likewise, I went ahead and ordered the Soulflower Avocado oil. Avocado’s are a rarity in India so, I thought I should totally just grab all the advantages with this oil.DSCN9492.JPG

8. Soulflower coldpressed  Castor pure natural Carrier oil (Rs. 270, for pack of two): This oil guys, is amazing for the hair and you know it. It’s great for lengthening and softening. It’s great for your lashes too.dscn9493

9. Soulflower coldpressed Olive pure natural Carrier oil (Rs. 300): I was running out of this oil, literally this one. It’s a repurchase. Love it.dscn9495

Okay so that was the second part of my haul. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did putting it up for you.

Thanks for reading.

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