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September and October Empties – Things I used up? Repurchase?

Hey guys, so if you know me, you know I use a lot of makeup and skin care products, it’s a disorder.

So here are my September and October empties.

1. Colorbar Radiant Glow Highlighter: This one was just fine, like not good, not bad kinda thing. It gave a good sheen, but it had shimmer particles. It would make you shimmery not glowy. That’s not an everyday thing, right? Also, it was kinda sheer so it doesn’t show up of you use it as a strobe balm or whatever they call it.

REPURCHASE: Nope, absolutely not worth my 600 bucks.1.jpg

2. Maybelline dream lumi touch concealer: This is a feel dry kinda concealer. It creases very little, love that. The only concern is the shade range, I use the darkest one (honey), it is still kinda light for actual correction of blemishes, a good highlight though!

REPURCHASE: Already have a back-up! Love this shiz.2.jpg

3. Elle Paris Eyebrow pencil: Though a little light for me, this one did wonders for my brows. I mean right from filling them in to brushing them out, awesome. Also, it had a little spoiler brush which I misplaced (I swear I’m not stupid, it just went away somewhere okay)

REPURCHASE: Maybe not, I’m trying different brands and stuff. Plus, kinda light for me.3.jpg

4. Rimmel Extra Super lash mascara: Oh my god, I was pretty much in love with this mascara. It was perfect. One, deep brown color (not black), nice brush, not so clumpy. Love it. And, affordable (Rs.275) that’s great no?

REPURCHASE: Even though I love this one with all my heart, I’m probably not repurchasing this, I mean life is too short to repurchase a mascara, right?4.jpg

5. FabIndia lip butter Plum Passion: It was plum colored!! And that’s probably the best thing about it. Pot packaging, average moisturising, very thick consistency, nope. A big no no. It is the kind o thick lip balm you might want to use before you go to sleep, but never during the day.

The container is cute though, use it for DIYs!

REPURCHASE: Nada!5.jpg

6. Himalaya Revitalizing night cream: Tiny tiny packaging, ahan. Okay, the product was fine, but to be very honest I did not really find much of a difference in their night and day cream, I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. But anyway, this cream is not moisturising enough that I would use it during winter and it’s NOVEMBER you guys. However, it’s okay for summers, like yeah meh. It’s really average and um, affordable.

REPURCHASE: Nope, winter calls for better, thicker colder creams.6.jpg

7. Colorbar Perfect Match primer: If you have even=r been on my blog or in my life before this you should know this product, I ADORE IT. It is pretty much the only primer I own and I am so happy with it. The only thing that probably compares with it (in this price range) is probably the L’Orèal Base Magique primer, and this is more affordable. It’s siliconey and gives you the perfect makeup base. It’s awesome!

REPURCHASE: Have a backup!7.JPG



These guys. were my empties for the months of September and October. I’m planning to do the empties post every two months, please do tell me if you enjoy such posts. I’d love to hear from you guys!

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Loads of love,



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