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Haul Post- Huge Makeup & Skin Care Haul! (Part-I)

Hi guys!

I am super excited to be sharing this post with you guys. Whenever I come back from the hostel, I make sure I more than just compensate for all the no-shopping sadness that I go through and obviously I totally did that this time too.

So without any further blabbering, I’ll show you guys what I got real quick.

First, I’ll show you the makeup things that I got.

1. Kiko Milano Natural Concealer – 03 (Rs.600): This one guys. It creases the least among all the concealers that I’ve tried, and I have so many. This shade tbh, isn’t really highlighting but really works. And the price looks good.


2. Kiko Milano Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation – N40 (Rs. 595): The foundation is a great match from me which I obviously love! Also, it is very hydrating, just as it says. Also, finely priced.


3. Kiko Milano Smart eye pencil – Green, purple (Rs. 260 each): Okay, these are totally my favourite products from the Kiko range. They’re pretty as hell and very very affordable! The green one is a shimmery shade, while the purple one is matte.1aa.jpg

4. Coloressence HD setting powder – Soft Beige (Rs.300): This one is yellowish in color so it really helps with the entire bringing light to your face thingy. It has this certain sheen to it. It’s an average product though, however, PRICE! If you’re beginning, this might be a supercool thing to have. And, the brush sucks.


Now, for what I got from a Patanjali store that has recently opened kinda close to my place.

5. Mulethi qwath (Rs. 25): Mulethi or liquorice is great for the skin brightening, fading marks and blemishes. It’s also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Brew it like you would tea and mix it in your face packs and things like that. It’s super cool, trust me.


6. 100% Badam Rogan Almond Oil (Rs. 100): So, this oil is awesome and has a lot of Vitamin E which we all know is amazing for the skin. I massage my eye contours with it. Also, another superfun thing is that you can add it to the cool Patanjali aloevera gel and use it as a moisturiser. Sounds great, right?


7. Wheat Grass Powder (Rs. 350): My mom says “This thing has the kinda good stuff that nothing has.” I think that’s pretty much all I want to say. It’s edible and you should have it with a little bit of warm water.img_20161031_202300

For some more random stuff, here and there:

8. Nivea Lip Balm (Rs 185): I got one plus one, aha. Both of the lip balms are great and for a dessert lip disaster like mine, they’re essential.


9. Nivea skin whitening sensitive deodorant (Rs. 185): This is a repurchase, I’ve been using this for about a month or so now and trust me it works for the lightening. Then again, it takes a lot of time, patience and consistency, so keep going babe I believe in you.



That would be it for this part of the haul, look out for the next one, it’s even more fun!

Till then, like, comment and share.

Loads of love,



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