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FabIndia night cream with vitamin E for dry skin REVIEW

If you have dry skin, STOP. You need to read this.

Today, I’ll be reviewing (read raving about) the FabIndia Night Cream with Vitamin E for dry skin.

If you know me, you know that I have the patchiest dry skin ever. And I’ve been loving my current moisturising solutions.

You’re looking at it!


PRICE: The cream retails for Rs. 390 for 99g of product. It is a little pricey but honestly, totally worth the price.

If this is a really major turn-off for you, stop right here.


INGREDIENTS: It has a lot of good things (Vitamin E, for one) but also contains other not so good items such as parabens which apparently don’t do your skin much good. But then for me, most of the products contain parabens and I’m alive so eh, never mind.


CLAIMS: An extremely rich moisturising bream blended with nourishing and heating oils, it helps refine visible signs of waging and minimises wrinkles. It boosts hydration and improves firmness, elasticity and surface texture of the skin.


First and foremost, the packaging is fairly sturdy and is great for travelling. Along with the actual cap, it comes with an intermediate packing(a white cap) which avoids the product from jumping off onto the actual cap (A+ for that shiz). It smells amazing, you know the light citrusy fragrance that finally fades way. It is a pretty white gel-ish looking cream.


The cream is very moisturising and with my kinda skin (sigh) it still does a fairly decent job at making my skin supple.  The best thing by far has to be how it doesn’t sit on top of your skin to make you feel like a greasy mess. Instead, it gets right into the skin leaving a really supple and fresh looking skin.

After applying, give it good 3-4 mins and voila! Amazing skin!


It is marketed as a night cream, however, I totally use this in the day as well. The only thing is that you’ve got to give it a good 7-10 minute period to seep right in.

Continuous use results in stable moisturised skin. It definitely works for the hydration, firmness, elasticity and texture of the skin. Wrinkles and anti aging. I’m not too sure.


Overall, I think it is an amazing night cream, stands up tall as far as the claims are concerned and does an awesome job. The only downside however would be the price may be. If that’s not a concern, totally for you to pick on your next skin care haul.

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See you next time.

Loads of love,



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