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Beginner Makeup Brushes Essentials: Indian Edit

Yes yes, I know.

In a swarm of gazillion brushes all over the internet, it’s confusing as to which ones to add to your kit first.

Here are my top picks, the ones I think you should buy first, and then build up as you go.

1. Beauty Blender: Yes, this miracle sponge that you see in every single video on YouTube. Trust me, it’s worth all the hype. Although I prefer to use it only with my concealer (and not the foundation), you could totally go ahead with that.

The ones that I have are from Forever21 and are pretty good (and *affordable*)


Word of caution: Use the blender damp and bounce it on the skin, NEVER EVER EVER drag!


2. Stippling/Buffing Brush: Now this is what I was talking about when I said I don’t use a sponge for my foundation. The idea of foundation is to have a flawless complexion, not another layer of skin. And this amazing brush help in achieving just that.


However, it’s not a necessity. (It does’t work with concealer half as well!)


You can totally skip this and use a beauty blender to blend in your foundation too.

3. Powder Brush: Now now, all cream and no setting makes Jen a greasy cakey mess. For this, you’d need a powder brush. They’re big, fluffy and kinda loosely packed.


Pro tip: Make sure to dust of excess powder off of your brush before attacking your face.


4. Blush brush: This one is essentially a smaller, less fluffier powder brush to be used on the apples of the cheek. Oh god, them blushing cheeks!


This one is much like  a powder brush just less fluffier and considerably smaller.


5. Eye Shadow Blending Brush: Haven’t you always wanted those gloriously blended smokey eyes? This, my friends, is the secret behind those.


This brush is a tiny yet fluffy one. It looks like a paintbrush for most part and is generally used in the crease and the outer corners of the eye. An absolute must have!


6. Flat Eye Shadow Brush: Okay to, there’s blending and then there’s patting on some colour. When you need them shadows to show up on your lid, this is what you use. It’s generally used on the centre and inner part of the eye lid.


It’s a flat brush and used to pack on the colour onto the lid.

Note: You could totally replace this with you pinky finger, it does the same job, way less fancy though!


These, guys, were my essential makeup tools for beginners. I’ve tired to include as much information as I could about each brush. For detailed use and application, there’ll be in depth posts. Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Beginner Makeup Brushes Essentials: Indian Edit

  1. Great post! I actually can’t live without my stipple brush! I find it’s so amazing for foundation. I have 3 off brand beauty blenders though and I agree I use them more for concealer. I don’t even use them every day to be honest!


  2. Thanks dear. It’s very useful post for me. You have written it in such a detailed manner, it becomes so useful. Really I didn’t know what to do with blush brush and flat eyeshadow brush. Actually, I have come to know the NAME just now lol. Please don’t lough. 😀😀. Wish to see more such useful makeup tips.

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