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Beginner Makeup Essentials: Indian Edit

So, you’re here. Obviously, you’re sick of watching all the firangi YouTubers and make up gurus with flawless skin suggesting you to buy MakeUp Forever and Mac.

This is exactly the post that you’ve been looking for.

Here’s a compilation of all the products that you would need to begin a basic make up kit.(It’s very basic and everyday, if you’re over this stage, I’ll soon have a post up for you too!) Don’t worry you don’t have to buy everything RIGHT NOW, you can build up as you move.

Okay, so let’s get started.

Number One: PRIMER

This one right here is a relatively new concept in the makeup industry but I can’t even stress on how important this step is. It’ll give you that flawless base to dump your makeup on, dayum that blank canvas. Also, you won’t have just a few patches of makeup left after 2 hours, it’ll last MUCH longer. Did you know you can wear this thing on its own, for a photoshopped face. Swear, airbrushed skin!

What I suggest:

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer (Rs. 825) – It’s pricey, but totally worth it. You can try other cheaper ones too (Lakme and PAC ones are good, I’ve heard)



If you’re someone with discolouration issues, you might want to look for a foundation, or at least something that evens out your skin tone (BB creams for less coverage). The most important thing with this step is to find the right shade. Too light and you’re Edward Cullen’s distant relative and too dark you’re probably a weird orange muddy mess.

What I suggest:

FOUNDATION: Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation (Rs. 450)


BB CREAM: Garnier Beauty Benefit Cream (Rs. 69)

(It has extremely sheer coverage.)



Okay so maybe your face isn’t a collection of weirdly coloured patches. Maybe you just have some problem issues, it’s best to skip the caked foundation face and conceal. Spot conceal any acne stars and use some concealer in an inverted triangle shape underneath your eyes. You can pick a shade lighter for the underlies and exactly your shade for spots and acne. Yeah, that should do the drill.

However, what’s sad about concealers is that you have to set it. Use a compact powder or loose powder (not for very dry peeps) to set your concealer and lock it. That shiz is bulletproof now.

What I suggest:

CONEALER: L.A. Girl Pro conceal HD Concealer (Rs. 500)


SETTING POWDER: Miss Claire Translucent loose setting powder (Rs. 250)


Number Four: BLUSH

Don’t we all wish for that pretty flush of colour on the checks. Ahh, I still want the apples of my cheeks to be pretty and pink, but nah. So, blush. They’re pretty, youthful and fun. Use them.

You can totally go for a blush bronze highlight kit (The ones from Sivanna Colors and MakeUp Revolution are good). But tbh, as a beginner I’d rather have my blush game strong than screwing up the contour.

What I suggest: Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush – Peachy Sweetie (Rs. 250)


Number Five: EYE PENCILS

Omg, this is by far my favourite thing to switch up all the time. A black kohl is a must, you may add a felt tip liner, icy you’re into wings and stuff (flying, jk). If you’re a colourful person, by all means experiment with different colors, turquoise, navy blue, emerald green, brown. Ahh, love.

Pro tip: Line your upper lid with one of the colored liners and blend using your fingers. Easiest smokey eye ever.

You can go ahead and buy yourself eye shadow pallets but tbh, that wishlist has no end so..

What I suggest: (Top to bottom):

Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise (Rs.249)

Loreal Paris Super Liner (Rs. 725) – The Maybelline Hypersharp liner is better tbh!

Faces Magneteyes Kajal (Rs. 175) – FAVOURITE KAJAL EVERRR!



Okay, so full and lively brows are literally all that you need to completely transform your face structure and make it more put together.

Fill in the tail of your brows with a dark brown eye brow pencil using short strokes and comb them with a spoolie brush and you’re done.

Just be sure to not do it with a black pencil, FAKE ALERT!! Also don’t overdo the inner part, err, plastic!

What I suggest: Use anything, this is from some random brand, I don’t even know the name of. It just matched me and has the spoolie so yaaassss! Try Maybelline brow duo shaper, maybe?


Number Seven: LIPS

This is the easiest way to brighten up your entire face and it’s the least prone to mistakes, I mean how difficult is it to pick up a crayon and paint your lips, right?

Okay, uh you have three choices, the conventional lipstick bullets (easy and cute) , liquid lipsticks (not really for dry lips) and lip glosses (not if you belong to matte fam).

I really truly suggest having a nude/neutral lipstick in your vanity, you know that mandatory my-lips-but-better shades, yes that. Another good lipstick to life up the day would be a traditional bright red lipstick. A gloss could be great too! But whatever you like the most.

What I suggest:

Loreal Paris Lipstick in Beige a nu – Nude Beige (Rs. 900)

The Lakme 9 to 5 creaseless lipstick in Red Chaos (Rs. 375) is also an absolute favourite of mine.


Swatch for the Loreal Paris Lipstick in Nude Beige:



L.A. Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss (Rs. 700) – A little drying, so if you have chapped lips, don’t.



LIP GLOSS: Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss in Keep A Secret (Rs. 290)


Number Eight: MASCARA

Big fluttery Barbie lashes, let’s face how we don’t have those. Fake it till you make it, friend.

Apply a good coat of mascara to open up your lashes and completely change the *awakeness* of your eyes from the time when you study math to when you’re listening to a break up story!

It truly works.

Don’t put on too many coats, it might end up looking quirky, clumpy and other not so cute things.

What I suggest:

Maybelline the FALSIES Volume Express Mascara (Rs.500)


And then, here’s an easy everyday makeup look that I have done using all of these products. I hope you guys like it.



There go my top makeup essentials for a beginner! I’ve tried to include as much as I could about a single product. If you want to know more about how to use each of these, tutorials up soon. Stay tuned.

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See you next time.

Loads of love,



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